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5. Setting up a Private Temple in Your Home

Note) This entry has a related video. See the YouTube link below.

My departed Jodo-shu Master would cite a Japanese proverb: "The heart seeks form, and form nourishes the heart."
After all, in Buddhism, it is taught that "Shiki-soku ze-kuu (色即是空: Matter is void, all is vanity)," that is, "Do not hold attachment to the outer appearance," however a Buddhist statue nevertheless helps us to give our all. It is like recalling your family or friends: the way you remember them is perhaps different if you have a photograph in your hand than when you do not. In order to introduce the Buddhist practice to your daily life, let me demonstrate a simple and quick way to arrange a "form which nourishes your heart," or how to set up a worship space.


I hope that small Nembutsu circles can be formed all over the world. The "private temple" demonstrated here can be set up by anyone according to one's circumstances. You can chant alone at your private temple, or you can chant Nembutsu together with your friends. How about holding regular meetings for Buddhist services and book readings? Reading Jodo sutras and studying the words of Honen Shonin will help deepen your understanding of Nembutsu.
If there is a Jodo-shu priest nearby, he/she could help you or answer your questions; however, I suppose this is not always the case. Therefore, please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Note) The Buddhist items listed here are available via e-commerce sites like amazon.com (perhaps you know more sites than I), and there is also a Japanese website https://tokyotrad.com/ for such needs, with which I have contacted and confirmed that they sell these Buddhist items.
* Thanks to a comment by Scott Cantwell via Facebook, we have found their eBay Hangesa page.

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